Sunset 001

A beautiful Minnesota sunset. The condensation trail is what really makes this image work for me. I like how it creates a strong diagonal counter to all of the other forms in the frame.

Prints up to 30 x 20 available soon
Sunset 004

Another gorgeous Minnesota sunset. I always find repeating patterns in clouds interesting. The two bottom rows of clouds are great examples of natures wonderous mix of infinite complexity and simple patterns

Prints up to 30 x 20 availabe soon
Sunset 005

I took this shot as a reference for a water colorist I know, but I've really found myself drawn to it as image in and of itself. Unfortunately, improper camera settings limit this image to printing as an 10 x 6.5

Prints up to 10 x 6.5 availabe soon
Sunset 006

This wonderous sunset is a personal favorite. I have a 30 x 20 matted print of it presently hanging above my sofa.

Prints up to 30 x 20 available soon
Clouds 014

From thin barely visible wisps, to billowing popcorn like forms, this image exemplifies the diversity of texture clouds can hold.

Prints up to 30 x 20 available soon
Fairy 001

A performer at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. She had such wonderful facial expressions I couldn't resist grabing this candid shot as she and a small child "held a conversation" with their musical instruments.

Sorry no prints available
Parade 001

These gals were participants in the Minnesota Renaissance Festival parade. They spotted my camera and totally mugged for the shot.

Sorry no prints available
Joust 001

A split second after the moment of impact during a jousting event held at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Sorry no prints available
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